Premium Coffee Stick

Gone Mad brings new series of premium quality wafer sticks called 'Gang of 5'. Premium coffee stick is one of it's kind which is bigger, crunchier and chocolatey. Wafer roll filled with choco-coffee cream inside. Created from dark, rich coffee flavour and sinful chocolate. This crunchy, creamy stick is simply loaded with yumminess.


Badam Stick

Premium badam stick with crunchy and crispy wafer roll on outside and delicious almond cream on inside. The pack comes with 5 premium quality badam sticks best suitable to break your routine eating habit. It's really Almondicious!


Dark Choco Stick

Experience the intricately layered with unique and rich flvour of cocoa with premium dark choco sticks. Dark textured wafer filled with dark choco cream which will make every bite melt in your mouth. This sharing premium pack will make you to experience the darker side of madness.


Tiramisu Sticks

Presenting yet another mouth-watering flavor for the Gang of 5 series. Crunchy and crispy wafer roll on the outside and delicious tiramisu cream on the inside. Gives the feeling as if you are taking a fresh bit of Tiramisu cake.


Salted Caramel Sticks

Delicious caramel-filled crunchy wafer stick with the taste of a pinch of salt. Filled with premium quality caramel cream with sea salt flavor. Rich in high-quality ingredients; enticing and flavorsome.